Permanent residence permit with supporting documents Application form

  • Four (4) color recent photographs in physical form, the technical specifications of which are identical to those of the passports, as they are each time valid, as well as in digital format on a visual storage disc (CD) in the form of graphical JPEG2000.
  • A certified copy of a valid passport or travel document recognized by our country with the intended, where appropriate, valid entry visa. Fee for printing a residence permit in the form of an autonomous document of EUR 16.
  • Inconvenient in the form of an electronic offender in accordance with the provisions of Article 132 of Regulation (2014) No 4251 / 2014 and Article 38 of Law 4546 / 2018 (101 A), where appropriate. An insurance policy of a private insurer, where permitted by existing legislation, covering the whole of the risks and the amount of benefits covered, as defined in the decision adopted pursuant to Article 136 (3) of the Staff Regulations. 4251/2014.
  • An attestation by the notary who drew up the deed of notary or the lease contracts referred to in Article 20 (B), in which the assets of the contracting parties, the details of the immovable property, the method of payment of the agreed remuneration or rent and all the details of the payment, in accordance with the provisions of the present case, of the existence of any dilutive sect and whether the property in question has been used by the seller for the purpose of obtaining a permanent residence permit; or
  • A notary’s certificate (in the event that an amount of less than two hundred (EUR 250,000) is paid on the property market, but the present objective value of the property exceeds or is equal to that amount, to which it should be stated, “The actual value of the property in full and the contract does not exist under conditions, sects and periods and the objective value of the property, as it stands at present, is the amount.”
  • A certificate of a mortgage or a cadastral office showing the absence of encumbrance
  • A copy of a notarial deed for the rental of hotel accommodation or tourist furnished dwellings in complex tourist accommodation, showing the full payment of the sum of EUR 250,000 and to which there is a reference for the issuing of a related operating signal by the ESOs; and Proof of transcription of the competent sub-post in which the contract has been signed; or
  • Purchase contract for parcel or land and contract / hire purchase contract deposited with the tax office in accordance with the law; and Building permit in the name of the person concerned; and Invoices of the contractor (s) and the corresponding receipted receipts; or
  • A timeshare contract of at least five years in which the price corresponding to one year is indicated; and
  • Evidence of transcription by the competent sub-post; and Confirmation by the EETS that it is aware of the training of this timeshare

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